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June 2002 - Part 2

Sunday 23rd June 2002

Report from Martin Beetham

    Despite a forecast for W/SW, Compton Wendy was saying NW all morning so I went to Bell only to find several pilots but little happening - except for much better pilots than me walking back up the slope.
    So instead I found my way to Kimmeridge, no red kites there but a kestrel, a handful of other pilots and some very enjoyable ridge soaring.
    The wind was stronger than I have flown in before so good practice, and I was able to see how accurate the site guide is in its prediction of turbulence when the wind is westerly (it is and it was). If flying here is as good as this first time, I'll be back!.

Report from Dave Daniels

    At last!  UK Flight No 3 for 2002!  Work and weather have conspired against me so far this year.
    Waking early I noticed that the wind had eased since the previous day and interesting early morning clouds were passing overhead. From my bed it was difficult to work out exactly what was happening - so got out and stood in the fresh morning air .... at 6am!
    The wind was ... hmmm .... westerly, I guessed. The clouds said so, but the caravan is a little protected in this direction so I wasn't certain.
    In the hopes that it as a little south of west I popped round to Ringstead in the hopes of a little ridge soaring, if nothing else. Anything to get my feet off the ground!
    6:20am at Ringstead and the wind was a little to the North of  West. The Wendy at Compton was giving NW @ 10kts, so off to Bell.
    Not exactly surprisingly, I was the only one there at 7:00am. Heavy dew on the grass but the sun blasting in through a bright blue sky dotted with those early morning clouds you get after a heavy dew - and the wind was smack on @ 8mph.
    The thermals hadn't started - equally unsurprisingly - but it was perfect to get in some much needed ground handling and had immense fun at one stage seeing how long I could kite the wing whilst sat in one spot! (over 15 mins!).
    A few text messages sent out advising the conditions soon had others on the hill, Martin F, Martin H, Mike A, Richard W, Jeremy M,, Peter R, Martin B.
    Several scratchy flights were had by most people - but high stratus had blocked off the sun and in light winds there was a long lull in activity. By the time the high stratus had cleared the wind had backed off too far and remained too weak.
    Spying the approching sea breeze in the clouds, along with several other people, I went off to Ringstead to find ZZ rigged, John A rigging and Stewart M spiralling out by White Nothe.
    The wind was smack onto the ridge at 13mph, so it took me seconds to pluck my wing from the boot of the car where it had been unceremoniously stuffed at Bell and be in the air!
    An instant 125ft was perfect start to an easy crossing to the cliffs that soon had 6 paragliders (myself, Jeremey M, Martin H, Stewart M, Shaun P, and Mike Craig on an Ozone Vibe)  and 3 hang gliders (ZZ, John A and [sorry again - forgot your name] one one of those incredibly fast ones) enjoying the perfect conditions - Mine was 1hour 52mins with over 600ft ato!.

    Shaun & I managed a second flight after the wind had gone a little more westerly that, whilst easily do-able, was little fun at 1mph over the ground/sea coming back from White Nothe.
    Several very happy smiley faces as we all packed up!

DSCN1144.jpg (157694 bytes) DSCN1143.jpg (82359 bytes) DSCN1151.jpg (160801 bytes) DSCN1152.jpg (261338 bytes)
"C'mon guys! It's great out here!" ZZ fly past Don't ya love that view!? Martin H contemplating house purchase
DSCN1156.jpg (70920 bytes) DSCN1157.jpg (94007 bytes) DSCN1158.jpg (72431 bytes) DSCN1159.jpg (264718 bytes)
Mike Craing on Ozone Vibe Mike, Stewart, Martin and hangie
over White Nothe
Stewart M Martin about to be gazumped?
DSCN1162.jpg (94329 bytes) DSCN1164.jpg (65304 bytes) DSCN1168.jpg (73265 bytes) DSCN1169.jpg (48789 bytes)
Shaun, Martin and Vibe in formation. Wings everywhere! John A on his rocket ship. Shaun P
DSCN1170.jpg (90394 bytes) DSCN1171.jpg (71044 bytes) DSCN1173.jpg (292916 bytes) DSCN1174.jpg (237569 bytes)
Shaun again ... and again. Stewart M ... but really it was the sea
 and beach textures I was after.
Martin H.

Saturday 22nd June 2002

Report from Matthew Charlesworth

    A late start as the forecast said that it would clear later in the day.
    When I got there Ron Smith had just landed after an hour and a half as he "was getting lonely!" flying on his own. As I was rigging ZZ turned up with the Topless that he was trying last time. That looks like a sale then.
    It seemed a little lighter but I launched anyway and snuck out to the cliff where the lift was good but I had to be a bit careful for the first few hundred feet or so. The sky never really cleared until the evening but I had an hour and a bit until Ron joined me again.
    There were a few wisps of cloud that I got up to, at 850ftATO. Ron got higher of course but his harness is full of Helium. Or maybe he's just better than me.
    John Alder had collected his Airwave Extreme after a major repair caused by a dodgy takeoff at guess where, Ringstead! I saw him rigging so landed to have a chat and see him off, rather nervously, for it's first flight in six months. He whizzed off and had a good flight when a rain shower stopped play.
    I left but the flying went on.
    I didn't fly on Sunday but I got calls to say that it was on, so maybe someone will write in to say how good it was. It looked brighter and more un-stable from where I was in Christchurch.
    Three weekends, three flights, is this some kind of a record?

Report from Dave Daniels

    Perhaps I need to think about hang gliding training!
    Despite the wind at Durdle Door never getting above 13mph - at Ringstead it was up around 20mph most of the time and when I looked across at Kimmeridge in the early afternoon there were no paragliders there wither.
    John Alder, Rod Smith, Matt Charlesworth and Phill (ZZ) Smith seemed to be having immense fun at Ringstead, however.

Video clip.
John Alder launching at Ringstead!

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RealPlayer 219kb 1.3mb
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MPEG 9.278mb

Saturdays 8th to 22nd June 2002

Report from Mike Bretherton

    Just came back from a couple of weeks paragliding in the French Alps (Ahhh!  Thought you had been quiet!) around the Annecy region with Adrian Leppard and a few others.
    It was mostly stable conditions but a few days were OK, especially higher up.
    Stayed with Irywn Jehu at the Maison du Moulin http://www.maison-du-moulin.co.uk/ , great place with own landing field.
    Highlights were:
        20Km triangle around Lake Annecy
        20Km flight from Annecy to the Grand Bournand
        15Km flight from Chamonix to Plaine Joux.
    Beat my personal altitude record 11,000ft, and had my best ever height gain of 4100ft. Had all my AP tasks (apart from spins) signed off by Irywn who is a BHPA senior instructor.!

Annecy Panaorama (48528 bytes)
Annecy Panorama
Approaching Mount Lechat Approaching Plaine Joux (29340 bytes) At Base with views of Mont Blanc (28598 bytes)
Approaching Mount Lechat Approaching Plaine Joux At Base with views of Mont Blanc 
Classic Sky Over Tournet (42647 bytes) Crossing Lake Annecy (28705 bytes) Landing at Grand Bonard (54661 bytes)
Classic Sky Over Tournet Crossing Lake Annecy Landing at Grand Bonard

Wednesday 19th June 2002

Report from Mike Adkins

    Another beautiful Kimmeridge day! Nothing dramatic - just pleasant ridge soaring - except for the presence of a Red Kite. Yep!  A Red Kite.
    Mind you, I wouldn't have recognised it if Colin Davies hadn't pointed it out to us. Later I was privileged to have it fly very close to me - it seemed to be intrigued by the noise of my vario.!
    Everard, Keith W, Peter S, John B and others were there including a university club Trekking Ritmo, which several pilots flew - a real blast from the past!

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