First-Aid 2019

Maybe its your first time or you need a refresher.

The Wessex club has always promoted first aid training for its members
and offers to share the cost (50/50) with the participants.

Steve Shackleton is a club member and just happens to run a first aid training organisation.
He has a venue in mind for a weekend in early March 2019 at West Parley near Ferndown.
To run the event we need 12 club members to cover the cost at £90 a head. This means the
individual cost to each member would be £45.

The first 12 names will start the booking process and your contribution to the cost requested thereafter.

A non-member can be considered as part of the course provided they are willing to pay £90.
However, the priority will be given to members first. Once we have 12 names, the event will be
arranged when the fee has been paid. Non payment will mean another person can be invited.

The course will be run by Steve and is very much hands on.

If you have any questions about the event or wish to attend, please contact Gary Puhl