The 46 Mighty Repackers thus far

If your name appears below, then payment has been received.

Brian Metcalfe
Roger Edwards
Russell Eddington +1
Andy Downton
Tom Webb
Elvijs Ungurs
Ben holt
Andy Webb
Daniel Von Mutius
Paul Hawkins
Phillip Brolan
Danni Capelin
Pete Chalmers
Roy Menage
Barney Pollock
Paul Maidment
John Alder
Charles Campion-Smith
Sean Staines
Luke Baldry
James Smith
Gordon Crisp
Julie Drake
Stuart Yalden
Gary Pocock
Julian Yates
Martin Orr
Laurence Webb
Everard Cunion
Eric Pearsey
Tim Oatley
Richard Braley
Rod Kedward
Ian McGowan
DJ Best
Trevor Lee
Alexander J Lyde
Robin Wallace
Chris Sparham
W G Nott-Bower
James Mckeeman
Steph Cahill
Carl Bryan-Brown
Stuart Yalden
Jason Hemmings

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Charles Campion-Smith.