Incident Log

Paragliding Incident Log
Date Location Description
01/03/14 Barton Right brake twisted round riser at take off in strongish wind at launch. "At this point I was scratching low for what seemed like a few seconds (I was just under cliff height with wing above cliff) and before I new what was happening I dropped out the sky onto the ledge 1/3 way up cliff and hit f**** hard. Think my legs hit first but unsure as strange that my upper back seemed to take all the impact. I just remember seeing all the boulders racing towards me- I didn't have time to flare or anything." "After a short while I slowly sat up feeling intense pain in upper back"
05/03/14 Ringstead "He misjudged the amount of lift available and got caught in the trees to the E of the big grey house on the small cliff. "
08/03/14 Ballard "I understand it was a hard downwind side landing"
16/03/14 Bell Hill Red ribbon pilot. ~Six months since previous flight. "The wind had been pretty strong and gusty all day but by mid afternoon it had calmed right down and gone a little off to the north (but not much). I'd landed because the sun was starting to get in my eyes and had started to pack up. I saw ******** approach from the direction of the bowl and line up to land on the strip behind the gate. Next time I looked up I saw her glider spin once or twice before hitting the ground 15 - 20' below."
01/04/14 Bell Hill Accidental reserve deployment from 20ft. Caught it as it came out but had to release it to control brakes.
04/04/14 Ringstead "Appeared to be feathering the wing and stalled it"
04/05/14 Southbourne

Martin Woolley just called me and said that a pilot called Martin Deal (I think) piled into the cliff from about 30ft. he was flying a yellow/orange/red Advance wing. He was walking but Martin said he was shaken up and advised him to go to the hospital.

I didn’t see him launch, but when I landed there was talk about his launch and ground handling being poor. He was last in the air when it had gone light and scratchy.
From Mike Veal (the pilot invoved)-"I've been paragliding for a while, but I'll freely admit I'm not current (130hours since qualifying in '98 ).
I was soaring on a coastal site. Reaching the end of my beat, I needed a 180. I turned in towards the cliff (to my right), then once I was above the cliff top, I reversed the turn (turning left).
In the left hand turn, I swung to maybe 20-30 degrees from the vertical, pretty much as soon as I initiated the turn the wing started to lose height very very rapidly. Far more than you'd expect for a turn of this nature.
The wing was solid & stable in the turn, and was controllable. There was no rustling from a collapse and no drop in the harness to one side.
I lost my 40ft in a couple of seconds tops and impacted the cliff side. " Note - General view is flew too far back into rotor.

Barton Very light winds. Pilot does good safe landing on path. Wing then floats down and envelops 4 beach huts taking 20 minutes to recover. Not good for public to see in such a high profile site.
Southbourne Pilot does fast downwind landing to avoid member of the public. Could (& should) have done a go around or bottom landed.
19/07/14 Bell Hill Broken leg. No Details of how it occurred. Did not receive proper assistance from fellow pilots.
05/10/14 Knitson I was making ridge run and had coasted from a high climb along the ridge toward Corfe Castle where the ridge is fairly low. I had lost excess height and was low on the ridge heading back to my t/o point. I began to experience turbulence as I got lower on the ridge and decided I was too low to continue the fight so began to fly out for a bottom land in an open field. I immediately found lift and decided to try and carry on further along the ridge although I was very low.
I encountered more turbulence and I think took an assymetric tuck on my left wing tip. The right tip was lifted in turbulent lift and the left sponteaneously re-inflated and rose sharply as the glider bit forward.
The bite caused my body to drop slightly at the same time as penduluming back beneath the wing. I was way too close to the ridge and impacted hard flat on my back.
Date Location Description
23/01/15 Ringstead

"Longer version. Wind was off to the south and gusting to to end making for a lively launch. Russell had already informed me that getting out to the main cliff was tricky in the southerly wind and that the one pilot who had made the journey crossed the power lines rather low. I took off, climbed easily in the brisk wind, and and then pushed forwards expecting the usual kick of lift from the house and the flat bit behind the power cables, with plan B being return to the hill or bottom land in the field to the right of the trees. I found the lift I was expecting and was looking to comfortably clear the power lines - perhaps rather lower than I have in the past, but still by an adequate margin.

Then I hit rotor. The sink alarm on vario started screaming at me, the wing dived backwards and then shot forwards needing a big jab of the brakes. Despite this I had a brief tuck with my left risers slack for a moment. These cost me a fair bit of height, enough that with the power cable close by I wasn't certain I could cross it any more - probably, maybe, BUT there would be no plan B if I got there too low and I had only a few seconds to make my decision. I opted to head right aiming for the bottom end of the field - a marginal glide, but undershooting meant landing in a dense coppice of low trees and scrub which looked very doable and was distinctly preferable to getting electrocuted. I almost crossed the coppice but the top of the saplings slowed me just enough to land nicely in a small clearing, which was fine, other than the fact my wing decided to try and make the most of a flyable day in January settled in the top of some 20ft trees :angry: "

18/02/15 Barton

Unqualified pilot flew back into rotor and crashed. Should neven have been there. "there was an accident at Barton on Wednesday involving a visiting pilot who crashed into a parked volvo car owned by a person on the flats overlooking take off. A number of people in the flats witnessed the accident. To date, they have all been very good about the incident, that could be about to change.
There were 2 visiting pilots from Thames Valley, Yarek Kisielewski - who some people know as he has flown there before and Robert Witt who had the accident. Both show on the Thames Valley members list, Witt has no qualification quoted.

On checking with the BHPA, Yarek Lisielewski is not a current member of the BHPA, his membership lapsed in August 2014."

20/03/15 Monksdown Pilot spun his glider above the trees and was left dangling but uninjured.
Date Location Description
08/04/17 Ballard The wind was eaterly so the sea cliff was working well.
Pilots had been launching from Ballard with a little south to the wind maintang height along White Cliff
and going round the corner to the east facing cliff. A pilot with many many hours experiance of this site
noticed some north rather than south to the wind. However the pilot in question launched and sunk out,
rounded the corner at around a meter above sea level and water landed. Coast guard was called.
Eventual rescue from insore lifeboat. Some confusion was mentioned with emergancy services.
13/04/17 Bell Hill Pilot under instruction whilst training for side landing, Aproaching hill lost height rapidly, harness contact
with tree causing forward surge of glider. Pilot fell forward following the wing and swung back into the hill.
26/06/17 Barton Pilot was looking at glider (wingovers) lost sense of position and flew back into rotor
08/07/17 Barton Pilot ground handling error. Causing impact with cliff subsequent broken ankle.
13/10/17 Ringstead Hanglider contacted lower cliffs.
15/10/17 Barton Clear conditions with a WSW wind at 14mph resulting in slow penetration heading west but faster heading east. PG pilot launched gained height and headed west initially and made multiple runs along the cliff but noted a decrease in wind speed with consequent height loss.
On turning east and gaining speed, attempted to turn away from cliff edge but wing was slow to respond.
Pilot impacted the cliff edge with feet then fell onto cliff top at speed. This was a deliberate act to avoid hitting the cliff face and ending up on the undercliff. Ambulance transfer to Soton A&E.
28/12/17 Portland West Pilot with low hours had trouble launching and top landing. impact with wall and draped glider over lampost.
Date Location Description
25/03/18 Monksdown Pilot was practicing a deep stall manover at low height. Exited badly and threw reserve.
26/03/18 Whitesheet Pilot encountered turbulance on the ridge suffered a fontal and then an asymetric collapse. Contacted ground with back protector of harness.
02/08/18 Ringstead Pilot tripped or lost his footing while ground handling at Ringstead. Pilot was reluctant to give more detail.
25/08/18 Bell Hill Pilot stalled trying to slope land in increasing wind. Landed on back/side and broke collarbone and ribs. Sustained concussion.
27/10/18 Maiden Castle Pilot initiated 360 degree turn but without sufficient height to recover from the manoeuvre before impacting the slope. Pilot impacted the slope at speed.

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