Past (but still relevant) Site News

Breaking site news is shown on the front page, but will be moved to here eventually if it is still relevant.

Please communicate any important site information to the Sites Officer as soon as possible

March 2018 - Portland East and Portland West

PG Pilot rating now MANDATORY for both these sites - PLEASE take the time to re-read the Portland East and Portland West siteguides BEFORE you next fly.

January 2018 - Marleycombe

Parking arrangements have changed! - PLEASE take the time to re-read the siteguide BEFORE you next fly.

June 2017 - Ringstead Bay

Parking is now "Pay-and-Display", please re-read the siteguide for details.

April 2017 - Thames Valley Sites

Due to continued site issues, Thames Valley will be regrettably rescinding all their club reciprocal agreements from the 1st April 2017 - if you wish to fly a TVHGC site after this date you must be a TVHGC member. Full details HERE

June 2015 - The Hive (near Burton Bradstock)

The Hive is a sensitive National Trust site registered with the BHPA by Flying Frenzy. It is not a Wessex site. Flying Frenzy have asked (pending discussions with the National Trust) that with immediate effect: • We do not to fly the site on weekends, bank holidays nor over the summer holidays. • We do not land in the gap between the two cliffs where picnic-ers are most likely to sit. That means that we should only attempt to cross from the low cliffs to the vertical sandstone cliffs with good height. • A maximum number of 4 gliders in the air on the low cliffs. Contact Flying Frenzy:

June 2015 - Portland East

Members and visitors are reminded that the site is sensitive and that there are additional site rules which must be followed, please refer to the siteguide before flying.

June 2015 - Mercury (Sky-Surfers)

The site will be closed for several days during the next week or so. This is because the top area is being allowed to grow for hay. There will come a point when the farmer will not want us in the field at all, crushing the grass. Please keep a close eye on the Sky Surfers website for further details. Once the grass is cut and baled, we should be back to normal.

The crops in the fields below are now at a stage where we not allowed to land in any of them. Until further notice there is NO bottom landing. Please do not launch unless you can confidently land back on the top/slope. (This restriction will be lifted once a field has been cut – probably late August.)

May 2015 - Ringstead

The top landing field is now back in use. However, the National Trust has applied the following restrictions with immediate effect: The top landing field is only to be used for the purpose of landing (no ground handling etc). Exit the field as soon as possible. No hang glider rigging in the top field. Open and close the gate, above all - avoid damage (the gate will soon be replaced). Absolutely no vehicle access to the top field. The National Trust and tenant farmers will not be liable for any injury caused by livestock. The launching and landing of motorised paragliders is not permitted anywhere on National Trust land at the site. The site guide will be updated in due course.

April 2015 - Barton-On-Sea

As a result of recent incidents and local council direction, Barton-on-Sea has been classified a WESSEX MEMBERS ONLY SITE. It is no longer open to reciprocal clubs or visitors. The site guide has been updated accordingly.

October 2014 - TVHGC-Milk Hill

Please read the notice issued by TVHGC regarding the possible Imminent Loss of Milk Hill Flying sites

January 2014 - Bell Hill

Top Landing - We once again find ourselves in a delicate position regarding continued use of the top landing. The owner has become very upset at some of the actions of one or two of "our members". Please only use the top landing strip when side landing is not an option and then make every effort to land on our designated strip. This is not difficult and good practice. If you do accidentally land in crop please walk out the shortest way. If questioned by anyone, be polite and apologetic at all times. We have separate reports of members being abusive and a family running through the crop to meet a pilot who had landed in it, this is not acceptable.

January 2014 - Batcombe (Telegraph)

Batcombe will be closed on the following dates due to shooting:
Every Wednesday in January 2014.

October 2013 - Monks Down & Winklebury

Monks Down and Winklebury will be closed on the following dates due to shooting:
Every Wednesday from 30th October 2013 until 31st January 2014.

May 2013 - Westbury (Avon)

If you are thinking of flying at Westbury, please read the updated site information here and here.

April 2013 - Bournemouth/Southbourne

Pilots are reminded to respect the privacy of the residents along the cliff and are to avoid lingering near or low flying over properties. Please refer to the Site Guide before flying at this very sensitive site.

December 2012 - Bell Hill

Top landing is now permitted at Bell Hill but is restricted to the 3 metre wide track that runs across the top field on a NW line to the gate at launch. This arrangement has been negotiated with the farmer for which the Club will pay an annual fee. Pilots are NOT to land in any other part of the top field. Please read the updated Bell Hill site guide.

09th December 2012 - Bell Hill

Please be aware there will shortly be a substantial electric fence erected in the top landing field, approximately 15 metres west of our landing strip and parallel to it. It will hurt so best avoided!

24th November 2012 - White Horse

The track leading to White Horse is now impassable to ALL vehicles due to the recent heavy rains. Members are advised to park close to the main road and walk to launch. The landowner asks that members do not attempt the track in 4x4 at the moment as this will cause further erosion to the track.

11th October 2012 - Swallowcliffe

Swallowcliffe is now an open site (Wessex HGPG Members Only restriction has been removed).

11th October 2012 - Barton-on-Sea

Barton-on-Sea is now a Wessex HGPG & Reciprocal Members Only site.

7th October 2012 - Bell Hill Top-landing

Due to a change in farming use, the landowner has requested that the designated top landing field at Bell Hill should not be used other than for safety purposes if no other option is possible. The Club Committee is engaged with the landowner to establish a "workaround" agreement but in the meantime, members are asked to abide by his request.


The Olympic/Paralympic airspace restrictions have now been lifted, therefore, the following Wessex sites are now OPEN:

Portland East / Portland West
Ringstead Bay
Osmington - Whitehorse
Friar Waddon

Maiden Castle

July - Sept 2012 - Eype

If you wish to fly Eype as an alternative to Ringstead/Whitehorse during the Olympics, please read the siteguide (members only.)

May 2012 - Bournemouth

22/05/2012 - The club has received the following letter from Bournemouth council:

"I have received some complaints with regards to pilots flying east of Clifton Road and over the cliff top properties in Southbourne. The licence states no flying east of Clifton Road (Cl3.4). The complaints are that the pilots are flying east towards Hengistbury Head and this has been ongoing for a while now.

Please can you remind pilots at the earliest opportunity that flying can only take place west of the launch site. Your assistance in this matter is appreciated.


Ed Alexander, Contract Manager,

If you intend to fly at this very sensitive site, please ensure you re-read the site guide to refresh your memory regarding the site rules.

May 2012 - Portland E/W, St. Aldhelms

Sites re-classified as mandatory CP + 25 hours minimum. Updated siteguide here.

May 2012 - Monks Down

One of our memebers was 'polietly told off' after landing approx 5km downwind of Monks. The land owner was concerned Race Horses kept nearby may be spooked and these beasts have a value of around £100K.
Obviously no one really wants to land that close to the hill 'intentionally' but if forced to please try and aim away from anywhere that looks like it may have horses etc for your own good. There have also been Pheasant bothering incidents in the same area in the past resulting in a less than polite telling off.

May 2012 - Swallowcliffe

Please ensure that you thoroughly read the site guide before flying at this site. Do not launch/land outside the agreed areas.

Dec 2011 - Ringstead

Dear Sir or Madam,

As you are aware the members of our organisations have shared the Ringstead Slope to pursue our chosen sport for over a decade now with good cooperation, friendly interaction and as far as we are aware no accidents that have been attributed to our sharing of the facility.

As a rule, and in accordance with your guidance, Hangliders and Paragliders stay to the east of the site and Aeromodellers stay to the west (using the second gate as an assembly point). Also, when joint operations are in progress, we endeavour to have a non-flying modeller in attendance on the flight-line to spot and communicate the position of all users in the vicinity.

This agreement has worked well for many years, however, we have had an isolated incident when a Paraglider transited the west end of the ridge (low and close). This resulted in the modeller loosing sight of his model due to the line of sight being obstructed by the canopy of the Paraglider, thus having a model in the air that is no longer under his control.

We are sure you will agree it is not in anyone's interest to unnecessarily generate a situation that could potentially lead to an accident.

We are fully aware that many of the flyers using the site are not members of our respective organisations, however, your members are best placed to brief other visiting pilots, and affiliated organisations of the guidance for the site. Our members will continue to approach other visiting modellers and clubs and brief them on the safety guidance for the area.

We enjoy talking to your flyers and always encourage any discussion which improves safety and gives us an opportunity to understand each other's operational requirements and problems, and be assured if a potential incident did occur, your member's safety would always be paramount and our members will take early action even if it means loss of the model.

I hope you do not mind us bringing this situation to your notice, but I am sure the last thing either of us would want is for a pilot, or member of the public to get injured, or the loss of access to the Ringstead site, which we all enjoy so much.

Thank you for your time and safe flying.

Marquis Model Flying Cub

July 2011

Barton on Sea Revised requirements (Pilot rating recommended, CP+25 required), please read site guide

April 2011

Dear Reciprocal Club,

The spell of easterlies we enjoyed during March drew many pilots to Sky Surfing Club sites to enjoy some decent spring flying. Eagerness and enthusiasm after a long winter lay-off was probably the reason that some basic flying disciplines were ignored. I would therefore be grateful if you would remind your members of the following protocols when visiting Sky Surfers sites.

- Familiarise yourself with Site Rules. These are posted on our website, ( and for Mercury also located on a sign near the entrance gate.

- Check with a local pilot before you launch. A Daily Check with the farmer MUST be completed before flying commences; arrangements, (e.g. landing areas, grazing stock, etc.) can change from day to day.

- Launch from and land in the designated areas only. Keep the slope clear and avoid spreading out.

A particular Safety concern has arisen where some paraglider pilots are "kiting" back up the hill and launching outside of the designated take-off area. This is a dangerous activity which is NOT acceptable on ANY hill. Canopies and flexwings should always be carried back to the correct rigging or launch areas, (using the stiles and gates provided to avoid climbing any fences.)

(Pilots are referred to the BHPA Pilot Handbook, Chapter 12. Paragliding Techniques. In the section on Slope Landing, Common Faults it expressly states,
" - Deliberately re-inflating the canopy to walk it back up the hill. Do not do this! Besides endangering yourself, other pilots taking off will not expect an obstacle to appear suddenly from below.")

Thank you for the opportunity to reinforce these basic procedures; hopefully we can all get on and enjoy our flying without further measures being taken.

Brian Parkins
Sites Officer, Sky Surfing Club

May 2010

Bowleaze (aka Furzy Cliffs) If flying at the unofficial site of Bowlease Cove/ Furzy Cliffs site please only launch from the main green, not anywhere near the Western end of the cliff above the promenade or near the pub.

Please also avoid landing on the promenade or near people on the beach.


28 April 2010 Bournemouth/Southbourne

The radio room will be closing soon so we have implemented a new system:

Please call 01202 901 591, leave a message with your Name, BHPA number and wing colour.

The Pilot-only rule and requirement to call Bournemouth ATC remains in force.

22 Feb 2010 Sky Surfer Sites

Dear Reciprocal Club,

Would it be possible to remind your membership of the arrangements that exist to fly Sky Surfing sites under the Reciprocal Agreement?

As Spring approaches and the desire to fly reaches fever pitch, commonsense has a tendency to go out the window. There have already been a few incidents this year on 'Surfers sites arising from over enthusiasm - and a disregard for basic protocols.

Many of your members will know that most of our sites are small and cramped. Added to this, they are also shared with other users, notably a large aeromodelling club. Now, we are all too aware of the risks arising from mixed air traffic, (i.e. hang gliders and paragliders); include some large and very fast models in the mix and the dangers multiply. No-one wishes for a mid-air to happen. It will spoil the fun for everyone as site access would be withdrawn.

So please, if you are planning on visiting Sky Surfing sites, (especially Butser or Mercury) please check with local pilots before you fly and observe the Sites Rules. A little thought and consideration does wonders.

Many thanks.

Brian Parkins (Sites Officer, Sky Surfing Club)

18 Aug White Horse Bowl

The tenant farmer of the Bowl to the West of White Horse, Weymouth has asked that we refrain from launching into the bowl. This was never an approved take off but has been used on ccasions. Please take the trouble to walk to the official take off. Emergency landings may still be made behind the bowl.

24 June 09 Avon Sites

The Avon Club committee would like to remind pilots that visiting pilots are welcome on our sites, but they must be fully conversant with the site rules and must have up-to-date membership of the BHPA (or international equivalent). In the case of Draycott, pilots must be members of the Avon club. The site rules are available on the club website and visiting pilots are asked to consult the sites officer or a committee member prior to flying, either on the hill or via the contact details

4 June 09 Sky Surfer Sites

Dear Neighbouring Club

As you are aware the SkySurfing Club has a number of easterly sites which have seen heavy use over the last few weeks. These sites have sensitive rules governing their use;

At Mercury there is a £1 site fee (per pilot) to be put in the honest box on arrival. The land owner has noted that the level of site use at present is not being reflected in the amount of money in the box indicating that pilots are not paying, the fact this is noted by the land owner is bad news. There are also airspace sharing agreements in place with the aero modellers which restrict the use of the ridge, it is a constant battle to keep these enforced. We would also ask that HG and PG pilots communicate openly and are sensitive to one another’s needs regarding room, airspeed and other safety matters.

At Whitewool there is a restriction to eight pilots only on the hill (sum total of those in the air AND on the ground) and there must be a site warden present with permission to fly on the day from the land owner. We have lost this site before and are likely to do so agin if the rule is broken. This site has priority for low airtime PG’s. The site is closed on bank holidays.

If your club does not have a reciprocal agreement with us then pilots must become members of the SkySurfing Club in order to fly the sites. If reciprocal club members are flying our sites on a regular basis then we would request they also join SSC.

We would please ask you to reitterate the above matters to your membership. All details can be foun in our online site guide at

Many thanks

James Roy


30 Apr 09 Barton-on-Sea Site rating change

After a lengthy discussion in committee, on the forum and at the site, it has been decided to change the rating of Barton to CP+25 hours recommended. The committee and experienced "scratchers" feel that this is an appropriate number of hours to recommend in view of the technical difficulties of the site and its very public nature. Site guide will be updated in due course.


9 Mar 09 - White Horse

The landowner at White Horse has notified me that he will shortly be erecting a fence below take off on the hill. This is a requirement of English Nature to retain ponies grazing on the hill side as part of the sites SSSI classification.

The fence will be Plain wire (not barbed) and posts well spaced, it will be run along the hill front at approx the height of the riders head to allow us to launch over it still.

NOTE IT WILL BE ELECTRIFIED, Should you land below the fence look out for the blue polypipe insulation which will allow you to climb over without sparking up your naughty bits ! if your lucky.
The fence is in no way intended to discourage us and the owner hopes it will not be to much of a problem to us.


Rybury Closed 29/08/08

Rybury Closure Thames Valley have put out notice that Rybury has been temporarilly closed owing to perceived 'over usage ' by the landowner. Richard Bungay from TVHGPGC has requested no one fly's the site until the matter can be resolved.

Barton 31/07/08

2 Points for Barton flyers

Point 1 -
I happened to be at Barton Today 30.07.08. A shocked looking pilot
landed and exclaimed that some nutter had been trying to stone him. I
explained that this is not uncommon and that the culprit would appear
to phycologically challenged to some degree, (he must be a couple of
bricks short of the full load or he would have had the sense to buy a
catapult by now rather than waste energy throwing stones)
Seriously though, if you dont know what i'm talking about you need to
be re - briefed on this site by an experienced Barton Pilot who will
fill you in.
If you are familiar with the situation all I can suggest is keep out
of Mr Angry's projectile radius range or maybe if he tries to stone you
personally approach the Police as an individual, it must be an offence
to propel missiles at an unhostile aircraft me thinks so the guy could
probably be prosecuted or santioned or something.

Point 2 -
A couple of Pilots who where themselves flying Barton on Sunday
expresed concern regarding some flying 'moments' on Sunday.
Barton Beach and green where very busy with members of public due to
the cracking weather.
Apparently the 'moments' could very easily have turned into serious
incidents had the chain of events run just slightly differently.
No specific happenings where mentioned so no ones on a witch hunt here
and im not trying to give a parabollocking or anything like that.
But please bear in mind we are very much in a public domain here.
Kids, old people, animals and even normal people who dont fly will not
understand what we are doing and may make random moves when flown near
etc. Anything that happens here is watch by many people.
Please just take extra care and give extra consideration to the public
and your own actions,
I guess as part of your site assesment if the take off and landing are
so busy with people that you cannot safely fly and land you should
maybe consider the site temporarily unflyable same as you would if its
blown out or too light.
We have made this site accessable to most members now with the de-
rated pilot level restriction but please remember that although it
looks a friendly site it still bites if you get it wrong
Points taken I hope, please enjoy.

Ali F

Sites Officer

Kimmeridge Site fees 15/07/08

'The Hole family are now running a smalll Cafe in Kimmeridge, just
round the corner past the turn off for the farm on the left (its the
only Cafe in Kimmeridge) ( in facts its probably the only anything in
Kimmeridge) When paying your £2 daily site fee please try the Cafe
first as Mrs Hole or her daughter will more likely be here than the

Ali F'



Ballard Hang Gliding Parking 6 Jun 08

I have just recieved the licence renewal for Ballard Down from the
National Trust. If you remember they had told us we would be unable to
continue to park HG carrying vehicles on Ballard Down after May this

Good News, they have agreed to let the parking concession continue.

This concession is strictly for Hang Gliders only.
National Trust have also requested that we ensure parked vehicles do
not obstruct the access track in any way.
Also that vehicles are parked discretly and in a way that they are not
noticable from Studland Village.
Please could anyone who knows a non internet conected HG pilot pass
this info on.

Ali Florence


12 May 2008 Members-only sites

Portland sites and Barton on Sea have now had their classification changed from 'members only' to 'open sites' If flying as a visitor at any of these sites please ensure you have read and fully understand all details given in our 'Sites Guide' which is available free on line. It would be wise to have a copy of the guide in your possesion for on site reference.

We strongly recommend that any visitors or first time flyers on any of our sites ensure they recieve a thorough briefing from a Wessex member before flying


Ballards HG Parking 25 Jan 08

After a long silence National trust have corresponded regarding their
recent statement on stopping HG Pilots parking on Ballard Down.
They seem to have taken on board our issues. The matter will be
discussed with NT access, legal and property people along with several
other topics at a forum to be held this March.

A decision on the parking will be made shortly after this.
In the mean time if we park on top of the ridge please try and park
your vehicle adjacent to scrub bushes if possible so as to break the
visual impact on the sky line. Also bear in mind this privelidge could
well be withdrawn so be on best behaviour (as i'm sure you always are)


22 Oct 07 Devon and Somerset Condors sites

Hi all

We had a very busy day at Beer Head and Branscombe on Sunday

A couple of problems arose with some of your members visiting

Can you please make sure that they know what the rules are on these two very sensitive sites

Branscombe is members only as requested by the landowner - who is very sensitive and this must be adhered to at all costs. Condors members are requested to park on the side of the road - not blocking any farm entrances and walk out along the lane, not drive

Beer Head is open, but again no driving out and park in the carpark at all times, not in the lane or access road

Many thanks if you can pass this on to your members

Phil Fouracre
Sites Officer
Devon and Somerset Condors


Westbury 13 Sept 07

For any pilots who fly Westbury, please could you make sure that you are
aware of the site rules, since this is a busy and sensitive site. Currently
we are facing a change of ownership of some land including our emergency
landing field. We know this is likely to result in a less friendly farmer so
we are trying to make sure we are squeaky clean, in particular if it should
come to any negotiations with English Heritage, the MOD or the town council,
all of whom take an interest of some sort in our activities.

Full site rules are on our website and could I please remind everyone specifically about the following.

- Do NOT land or take off from above the horse or on the horse
itself. There is a public footpath just above the horse, and landing here
endangers members of the public, plus the horse is an ancient monument.
Landing above the path is likely to dump you in rotor. If you are in a
situation where you are low near the horse, the only option is to put it in
just in front of the horse's nose, and then WALK BACK TO TAKE OFF. However,
if you're not staying up, you shouldn't have taken off.

- There is NO bottom landing field. We have an emergency landing
field, to be used in the event of mechanical failure, extreme danger etc.
I.e. you spot a flight of the Red Arrows heading your way and spiral in to
land ASAP. It is not an option just because the conditions are light and
you thought you'd give it a go. Please respect this, as the farmer is
already very keen to close this field to us as soon as the tenancy agreement

- If you do land in the emergency landing field (after you've
narrowly avoided those Red Arrows), you must exit from the gate in the
corner by the road, and walk along the road to a footpath. Do not attempt
to walk straight back up the hill from the field.

- The field to the left of takeoff is also NOT a landing field. We
have no permission to land there.

- Westbury is a top-landing site only. If you have doubts about
staying up, or other people are scraping, land whilst you have the chance,
or if you're on the ground - don't take off.

English Heritage are not keen on us flying there, and we must not give them
the excuse to stop us doing so. Please help by respecting our site rules,
if you have any questions or are on the site and not sure, please do ask any
of the other pilots there, you'll soon find an Avon pilot happy to help.

Many thanks,

Richard Zaltzman

Chairman, Avon HGPGC


Batcombe - 4 Aug 2007

We now have a written agreement with the farmer and are paying a fee to fly here

Can you let your members know that nothing has changed, but, that he is adamant that parking should be in the field at all times

Anyone parking outside anywhere in the proximity of the gates and the field opening to the right, risks losing the site

Any problems contact me

Many thanks

Phil Fouracre
Sites Officer

D & S Condors

Landing at Durlston Head - 12 Aug 07

Following Dave F's EITS re-landing at Durlston I went to see Robin Plowman who is park warden for Durlston. I explained a little more about our sport and activities around the area in general and put likely numbers of Durlston landings into perspective. The discussion was totally amiable. Robin is ok with us landing out within the park but asks that we continue to give consideration to other park users, like avoiding landing close to people, animals and not taking vehicles over fields etc.

Also he requested that if we land within the park that once wrapped up we just report in to the Rangers office (shop) by the car park to let the ranger on duty know that we have landed safely. I think someone had reported seeing a parachute land when Dave came in and was maybe concerned for his wellbeing.

Ali Florence

Bournemouth Agreement - 4 Aug 07


7 Aug 06

Avon - Frocester

From: Richard Zaltzman

Change to Frocester site rules.

After much consideration, the Avon Club have decided that the very technical nature of Frocester and the sensitivity of the site with the landowners means we have had to restrict access to Pilot rated plus 100 hours for Paraglider pilots and Advanced Pilot rated for Hang Glider pilots. We do have other sites that are flyable from N to W, so if you are not Pilot (PG) or AP (HG), please get in touch for the alternatives. Frocester can be extremely difficult at times, with a small, steep takeoff, plenty of trees creating turbulence and very limited bottom and top landing options. It is really an XC site for experienced pilots, and we would ask all visiting pilots to respect the site rules, in particular the very limited landing options, to help us ensure we can keep the site open. Please don’t be afraid to ask any pilots on the hill for site rules if you are not familiar with them.

Many thanks,

Richard (Chairman – Avon HGPGC)

Bournemouth 8 June 06

From the Wessex HGPG Secretary:

A complaint has been received from a resident of the large white tower block between Boscombe and Bournemouth piers. Apparantly it was being soared on Friday 2nd June. The matter has now been resolved amicably. If you fly here please DO NOT soar the tower block, tempting though it is.

Also, response to my recent email made it clear that some members were unaware that Bournemouth Council now keep a list of all approved pilots.
They requested this when we last renewed the agreement. Please be assured that there is the absolute minimum of information on this list: it is simply member name and BHPA number, information which the council wardens can request from you anytime you are on the site anyway. The list consists of all PG Pilot rated members plus those CPs with grandfather rights. If you do not wish to be on the list let me know and you will be removed, but that will mean that you can no longer fly the site.

31 Jan 06 from Don Shipton


An east facing hill overlooking a railway line with restricted top and bottom landing areas that make this more suited to Paragliders. The site is a walk up with limited roadside parking. There is no farmer imposed restrictions on numbers but is only available from February through September. Should provide cross country potential and being our most easterly Paragliding site enjoys therefore the greatest distance before airspace restrictions are encountered.

Grid RefSU 734 151Sheet197
Height ASL144m (472ft)Top to Bottom250ft
Wind DirectionNorth 45 - 100 degBest90 deg
Pilot GradeHang Gliding CPParaglidingCP
ContactAndrew Fisk, Heberdens Farm
Nearest PhoneChalton Village

License number (100043849) Reproduced by permission of Ordnance Survey on behalf of HMSO. © Crown copyright. All rights reserved.

ACCESSFrom the A3 turn off at signpost to Chalton. In village centre take left turn (immediately prior to Red Lion pub) and continue past road merging from the left, round left bend, and under the railway bridge. The site is the hill behind which is reached by the footpaths indicated on the site map. The southern footpath using the railway underpass is the easier climb.
PARKINGDo not Park in the entrance to the horse stables at the road bridge. The only parking available is at the three road side locations indicated on the site map. Be considerate and do not park at the southernmost area if a church service is likely.
RIGGINGAt the crown of the hill to the north of the tumuli.
TAKE OFFFrom the front of the hill in front of the rigging area.
LANDINGBottom landing field is available when not in crop. If in doubt ask at the farm.
HAZARDSRailway line immediately in front and forming the lower slope boundary. Power lines to the south cutting across the hill.
  1. If bottom landing is closed then this site is not suiable for hang-gliders and paragliders must have minimum C.P. plus 10 hours.
  2. The site is closed from October through to January inclusive.
  3. A two pound (£2) daily site fee is payable at the farm 
CONSIDERThe site fee is the single most important aspect in our agreement with the farmer to use this site.
Pilots with less than C.P. plus 10 hours may find Whitewool or Mercury more suitable


31 Jan 06 from Alastair Florence

Following the problems of vehicle parking on Bell during wet conditions we have managed to gain agreement from Owen Yeatman to use the chalk pit at the bottom of the hill as an overflow car park. Please read the following points carefully before using it though.

The Chalk Pit does not belong to us. Owen still owns the lower segment of the hill surrounding the chalk pit. He has kindly agreed that it can be used by us under certain circumstances. Please do not abuse his goodwill.

Although fairly flat this area is still far from ideal for parking cars. It would be easy to get stuck here or slide into other vehicles if care and thought is not taken.

I suggest that you stop your car in the gate way and walk into the pit first so that you can decide where you will park rather than just drive in and get stuck. Then park thoughtfully to allow others to get in and out.

We only have permission to use the pit during the winter or wet days when it is unwise to try and park at the top.

Please use any road side parking as your first choice, only use the pit as a last resort when the road side is full.

Close the gate at all times.

It is a long walk up the hill from here. Its an easier walk from the roadside parking.