XC Leagues

XC League Secretary
Colin Davies

The Wessex HGPG club runs a club XC league for both paragliders and hang-gliders alongside the national XC leagues. The aim of the XC League is to encourage pilots to fly cross-country and to provide them with the means of measuring their achievements compared to others within the club. It hopes to provide a varied and interesting level of challenges and also, of course, to find a club XC Champion!

The Wessex HGPG club league rules and guidelines are there to show you how to enrol and describe the range of trophies and awards for Paragliding and Hang-Gliding.

Enrolment to the Wessex HGPG club league is linked to the national league. After enrolment, your flights will be recorded on the national league table if you apply and pay the national league entry fee. However there is no need to pay if you only wish to see your flights in the Wessex HGPG club league.

Our rules are slightly different to the national league rules, the League secretary updates the Wessex HGPG club league charts to show the true data.

If you are not sure,have difficulty enrolling or entering flights, please contact the League secretary for assistance.