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Bournemouth/Southbourne Please be advised that works are due to commence for the clean-up operation of the East Cliff land slip. Abseilers are securing the cliff lifts carriages in preparation for removing loose debris from the cliff areas.

On 12/05/16, a 120 tonne mobile crane will be mobilised within the vicinity of the junction with Meyrick Road and East Overcliff Drive, on the cliff top. Click here for a location map showing the approximate location of the mobile crane. Approximate coordinates are given below:

Approximate mid-point of site works (OSGB36):
Eastings 409616; Northings 90946
GR: SZ096909

Please also note that there are presently road closure works within this area. The crane is anticipated to be in this position for possibly a few weeks. Precise timescales are yet unknown whilst the condition of the cliff is being assessed.

The mobile crane being used for the clearance works will have a maximum boom height of 40m above the cliff top ground level (40m boom above the 40m cliff ground level = 80m total), which will extend out over the cliff top to remove loose material.

Persons are therefore advised to KEEP WELL CLEAR AT ALL TIMES within this area and all site works.
Ringstead Bay

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Mercury (SykSurfers) The top field is very soft at the moment. Do NOT to drive in to the normal field at all (you will get stuck and carve the ground up). Until the ground is drier and firmer, park (tidily) in the preceding yard area and walk through to the normal launch/landing field. Don’t park on the verge of the track - Please ensure you allow easy access for the farmer. We are now in the middle of the lambing season, very soon the ewes and offspring will appear in the fields we use for launch or landing, be especially vigilant to:- Close all gates - Keep dogs under close control - Land as far away as possible from the flock.
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June 2nd TBA
The club meets on the first Thursday of each month at the Elm Tree in Ringwood at 8pm.
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