Club Meeting

Our next club meeting takes place TBA.


Should you live a long distance from the venue, then maybe arranging a lift share would be an option?
Typically the meetings end around 10pm.


Bournemouth / Southbourne


Restricted Flying Hours during July and August.
NO Flying between 10:00 and 18:00.
Pilots need to do a dynamic risk assessment and if the clifftop and beach is getting busy, or still busy, then flights must be suspended until crowd levels have reduced.
Please read the site guide for this very sensitive site BEFORE you next fly.

Bournemouth / Southbourne


NO FLYING between
Monday 29th August to Monday 5th September inclusive
/Due to the Bournemouth Air Festival. Although Festival days are 1st-4th Sept, pilots often do flypasts beforehand to acquaint themselves with the display area and some a goodbye flypast on the Monday after.

Bell Hill


Following discussions with the farmer, the fields we use for bottom landing are now NOT an official landing. The farmer is still going to be friendly to people landing in there if they have to (for safety reasons), provided there are no cattle in the field, please read and adhere to the rules in the amended site guide.

Wessex HGPG Committee

Ballard Down


Vehicle access to launch is strictly limited to hang glider pilots with a new stipulation of a MAXIMUM OF FOUR VEHICLES AT ANY ONE TIME. This is a sensitive site, please read and adhere to the rules in the amended site guide.

Wessex HGPG Committee

Site Guide Updates


Site guides for Barton-On-Sea, Kimmeridge and Nine Barrow Down have been updated.
Please take the time to read them before you next fly these sites.

Wessex HGPG Committee



After much hard work by our sites officer (Gordon), the National Trust have announced that with immediate effect, HG may resume use of Ringstead.
All flyers are reminded that the following restrictions MUST be adhered to:

a) The rear landing field is now closed and should not be used by PG or HG for landing.

b) No more than 10 gliders are to be on take-off or flying along the take-off/landing ridge.

c) PGs should be safely stored inside yourvehicle when they are not in use.

Please remember that we do not have exclusive use of the site and must respect the other users of the site.

Failure to adhere to the new restrictions will lose the site.

Please read the Ringstead site guide BEFORE you next fly.

Wessex HGPG Committee



New Members

Slawomir Bartosz London PG:P
Giles Fearn Marnhull PG:CP
John Donovan Sturminster Newton
Quentin Rose Billington PG:CP
Today's Member
Richard Walters
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