How to access the members-only pages and forums

Not already a member?

Members-only area

When you try to access the members-only area you will see a window which asks you to enter a username and password.

Please enter:

Username: Your BHPA number. If it is less than 5 digits, prefix it with zeroes.
e.g. 1234 should be entered as 01234

Password: You can change/view your password by updating your membership details.

If you can't get in, please contact the web administrator with details of the username and password you have tried.

Members Forums

The member Forums are accesible by selecting the link in the menu on the left-hand side for the Members Forums.

As a 'visitor' you cannot view the forums, they are only accessible to registered users.
To view and post messages, you must register with the Forums. There is a link at the top right of the forum page called Register, after you have agreed to the registration terms enter your own chosen username and password.
Your forum account will require approval before it becomes active - you will receive an email informing you on its activation.