The Mighty Repackers thus far

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Session 1

Tim Oatley
Rene Jungbar
Martin Orr
Christopher Mattocks (x2)
Christopher Burton
Andrew Slater
Quentin Rose
James Smith
Bob Foss
Sean Staines
Martin Woolley
Nick Francis
Paul Maidment
Luke Baldry
Kathleen Drew

Session 2

Nigel Cowley
Jeremy Siddle
Terry Willis
Brian Metcalfe
Julian Yates
Fritz Fink
Ben Cantrell
G Nott-Bower
Robert Powell
Anthony Strickland
Alan Bourne
Phillip Clough
Sam Newington

Session 3

Charles Black
Felipe Sfreddo
Justin Smith
Darren Griffin
Tim Morgan
Andrew Holt
Chris Smith
Martin Foley
John Burrows

If you have any questions about the event, please contact Neil Russell.