Members' Mugshots

If you can't find your photo it's because you haven't sent me one!. Please note:

  1. Photo should be head and shoulders only please.
  2. Please size the photo to 240 pixels wide, 300 pixels high. If you are not sure, I can do this for you.
  3. IMPORTANT: Name the photo firstname_lastname.jpg, e.g. john_blessing.jpg
  4. Email the photo to me:

No digital camera? No problem, find me on the hill and I will be happy to oblige.

Photos that were just too bad to put on the mugshots page.

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Adrian Bishop

Adrian Coombe

Adrian Leppard

Alan Webb

Alastair Florence

Andrew Pearse

Andrew Ward

Andy Dawson

Andy Fenton

Anthony Robinson

Bob Dear

Brian Metcalfe

Charles Campion-Smith

Chris Barratt

Chris Graham

Chris Sparham

Craig Byrne

Dave Moores

David Almond

David Ormerod

David Winn

Edward Young

Everard Cunion

Gary Mullins

Gary Pocock

Gary Puhl

George Nott-bower

Gillian LeGras

Harry Dike

Henry Hookings

Howard Blythe

Ian Gillespie

James Smith

Jason Hemmings

Jeff Davies

Jeremy Calderwood

Joanne Weatherby

John Alder

John Blessing

John Readings

John Welch

John Wreford

Jonathan Harrop

Julian Yates

Kaye Escott

Keith Wright

Kevin Dingley

Marcus Webster

Mark Russell

Martin Beetham

Martin Foley

Martin Hayward

Martin Wareham

Matthew Whicher

Mike Bretherton

Neil Kermode

Neil McCain

Neil Weymouth

Nicole Moores

Nigel Bourn

Paul Escott

Paul Hawkins

Pete Chalmers

Peter Robinson

Phil Smith

Richard Braley

Richard Davis

Richard Froggatt

Richard Furneaux

Richard Mosley

Richard Thomason

Robert Dowdell

Rod Kedward

Roger Edwards

Roy Menage

Ruth Kelly

Sean Staines

Shamus Pitts

Steve Shackleton

Timothy Morgan

William Coburn